Tool tips

Written by: Profossgbg

General tips and must not have a 80 euro whip? 

To learn how to handle different tool comprises two main parts, how they are used and how they feel. You should know how a tool feels before you use it. Consider, firstly, on the warming up and partly to communicate during the session.

The worst is not the best, a really ”mean” whip or cain can certainly be nice, but keep in mind that the ”nicer” a tool is, the more force you can use. And for some, is the act more important than the pain and for most people is it a combination of the two.

Is it a person you never had a session with before or feel uncertain regarding hens pain level? Ask that person on a scale of 1-10 for the level of pain. It gives a rough picture of how this particular person takes the pain at this very point.

All of the gears gives a specific feeling and sound, and then we have not even gotten to the strike of the tool yet. Think of its psychological effect in the atmosphere you create and how you can use it in the session.

Use the submisives sight and hearing to your advantage. If one do not see but hear that something is on the way, it is often sets a nice mood. Or vice versa, let the submissive see at the same time as you count down 3,2,1 strike. Repeat the process of counting down will also create a special feeling.

Let your submissive count down as many strikes as you determined it should be, perhaps with a ”thank you mistress” or whatever title you prefer.

No matter what kind of session you have, think of warming up, and that the intensity of the strikes shall be increased staggeringly. To go forth directly, without the submissive is ”warm” is often an easy way to ruin the experience.

If you don’t have a lot of gear like below, it is not the whole world. A spatula, for example, can be an excellent paddle. What else do you have at home to use?

Monotony is rarely fun, vary how hard you hit and with what and for example caress your between them. Just as with ordinary communication, where words are only a part of what you say, mind that the strike is only a part of your session.


The hand – You always have it with you, and you can do loads with it. It’s exemplary for warm up and spanking, you can twist, snap your fingers, put in places and more.

Tip – off

– To snap with the middle finger against a nipple can be appreciated.

– Pinching different parts of the subs body is another cosy possibility.

– To slap the sub, very symbolic and suggestive for many people. Not matter if you give a quick slap or a slow and drawn-out that nearly makes the sub cover. Just be careful not hit an ear or an eye.

If a finger is to be put in somewhere, use latex gloves. We recommend you to have a box of latex gloves as a part of your basic equipment. No matter where you want to put the finger, cleanliness is vital. And do not underestimate the mental sensation of when you look your sub in the person’s eyes and slowly put the glove on your hand.

The whip

The whip can be used in many ways but please think of gathering the straps before lashing so it does not spread uncontrolled when hitting the sub. We recommend to 3-4 different whips so that you can use from warm up to when you really want to cause pain.

The heavier the whip is the more it feels in the depth wile a small whip mostly feel on the skin.

With whips in general and single tails particularly it is vital to know the level of force you put into the lash. Learning how to use a single tail I began lashing a pillow and by that getting to know how to steer the lash to where I want it. Then I put a matchbox on the pillow and learned how to hit that. Beeing secure with a basic knowledge I had nice friend letting me use here for practice. It is very good that the object for the practice can answer questions. The last part, nasty but still, I found out for myself how it felt. And it so important, before you use a tool in session, try it yourself first. This training is actually usable for most of the physical BDSM tools.

Rubber – Gives an extra sting, can feel like a needle-stick, the unexperienced should be a little extra careful in the use of rubber whips.

Leather – there are so many versions, if the whip is new, the straps will be stiff, a find reason to practice but do in something hard to soften it.

Suede – Some people snort and it is too soft but we think it can be great. It is excellent for the warm up and if you like me like using force, well the suede whip gives you the possibilities more the rest.

Tip off – The whip can be used more or less over the whole body, use your imagination.

Single tail – As described, practice before you use in a session. Single tail is perceived as a tool for the experienced Dom and it is. But with common sense which is the important tool of all, one can use it without beeing an expert. When you learn how to really control were you hit and how hard, the single tail is a beautiful tool. But we stress that it one of the tools that can cause the most pain so use with caution.

Tip off – It gives a great sound, use it without hitting the body.

Tawse – One of my favoured tools, good for the warm up but also the session itself. The unfairness of that a Dom by spanking the sub gets pain in the hand, the relief of a tawse is nice.

Tip off – Bum, legs, sex organ, breast, and sole of the foot so many good spots for the tawse. Less is more, even light strokes can cause pain

The cane and other sticks – The cane is an icon among BDSM tools, one’s mind can drifts to a headmaster in front of a student. Many people think that it like the single tail is a very painful tool. But it is a toll like others and the level of pain depends on how it is used. The combination of its sound and the ability of beeing precise in were to hit makes the cane to be a great BDSM tool.

Tip-off: Well, if the subs not warmed up, use with a light hand. If the sub can’t see and you hit around but not on the sub, it creates a lovely tension. Why not combines the hitting with gentle strokes.

The bum is the most common recipient but just below it is a lovely, painfully, but lovely area for the can. The legs and breast is nice to hit to but be aware not using to mush force against muscles. The back is an area to be careful with regarding canes. But if you hold your non canes hand about ten cm above the subs back and in a fast past hit between the back and your hand you can cause a nice sensation.

Ice and stearin – Either one use it to cool of stearin or slowly drags an ice cube over a sub it can be very sensual. But the shocking feeling of a fist full of ice, well some do love it. What I do not recommend is put ice in a sex organ, can be unpleasant consequences.

The drip of stearin can be light and it can be very painfully. But used with caution it is a tool similar to ice, something that is different and it can create a special tension in the session.

Tip-off – Not allowing the sub to see the drip or to make at count down, cosy to say the least. The shock between hot and cold is nice for some but don’t go wiping or something like that on a body part you scraped with ice, that’s sadism in the wrong way.  Before dripping the stearin, please, drip just a bit on yourself, different stearin has different temperature. But ice and stearin, lovely tools for the mental part of sessions, how would you us it?

Clips – To get, go to the supermarket and if unexperienced do start with the ones made of wood since they tend to inflict less pain then similar in plastic. There many sorts and solutions to get clips. Get a pair of chopsticks and elastics, can be a fun date with a nipple or a sex organ.

Tip-off – The longer they stay on the more they will hurt when you take them off, incidentally it is when you take them off that the main sensation off pain comes (Ahh, all those memories…)

Magic wand – The best sex toy in the world? So, how come I mention it? There are many different versions main difference is with or without a cord. I recommend a cord since most that I have tried tend to lose the real effect quit soon after a full charge.

Tip off – You can turn it of…. You can continue to use it well after it stopped being great and it more is a feeling of pain… And, we do BDSM to bring pleasure to you and your partner(s). My experience gives that about 95% or so of all women gets more and really stronger orgasm by it and I for one loves to see my woman convulse in a deep orgasm.

Anal toys – Not uncommon to be combined with games of shame, but size and other things is a matter of individual taste. What I do not recommend is toys with marbles, same like them but many get the feeling of using the rest room….

Tip off – Don’t rush take it slow and use mental play, use loads of lubricant (not water based).


There are so many more tools for BDSM, the crop, the belt and mush mush more. Try and see what you like and remember and it can vary from day to day. But you, yea you, already have many tools at home so why not make some experiment?