How to find like-minded people?

By: Profossgbg 

This text is created on the basis on that you, the reader is Swedish, and apparently you are not….. But I’ll bet that if you look around there will a kind of BDSM subculture in your country as well. So general advice might still be valid.

The Internet is obviously a good start, but both as brand new, couple or single, who has been within the subculture of BDSM a while we really want to strike a blow for you to meet like-minded people in the real world. As with most things, this is easier in the larger cities, but here we give in all cases some ideas about different possibilities.

We begin with the informational hub of the bdsm in Sweden – Previously, there were some different online communities, often small parts of an in an otherwise non bdsm related site. When Darkside opened up their ports, it became the obvious meeting place for interested in BDSM and we want to commend all who has been part of making to be the amazing base of information and contact for people with interest in BDSM Yes, like all sites with social ad pages, some of the right hands of the rude pick up mails. If you register, it can happen to you to but we ask that you see beyond these sad individuals. For by Darksides calendar, you have a pretty good track of what’s happening around the country, there are many interesting articles, short stories and not least like-minded people. In general the online then? Well, it gets thin rather quickly, really there is no other page we recommend in Swedish (there is also an English version of

What about the so-called real world?

In some parts of the country there are different social gatherings that are completely without sessions or dress code. These are an exemplary way to meet others, talk, immerse yourselves, and in a less dramatic way to give you or your partner more impressions. No matter where in Sweden you live, there is currently only one site that constantly updates what’s going on so instead of lining all the possibilities which in time will become outdated, we recommend:

When you find you an event that is interesting so please, make contact with the organizer if you have questions. Questions are generally much appreciated, and a door can be opened to something life changing.

Even if an event has passed there are contact details if you are interested in future events.