Subspace and Domspace

Written by: Beh-aga, translation by: Profossgbg (If you are more interested in this subject, please read Subspace – the chemistry behind the phenomena)

The title indicates two expressions which now and then occur in the BDSM world. There are various descriptions of these and I can only give my version.

Subspace: This is a state of mind in which a submissive can get into. Mostly, it occurs during a session of the more physical kind, but there are also those who go into the subspace by pure mental domination. It is a trance like state with an altered perception of reality, where it feels as if you are floating around, totally relaxed and at ease with existence. You become less sensitive to pain, which is important for the Dominant to know that in general a submissive in subspace has difficult to even manage to say a safe word if necessary! Therefore, the Dominant ability to read body language is extremely important. What’s also important is to let the submissive “land” properly after having been in subspace. One must get the time to “come back” to reality

Domspace: This means the corresponding state of mind for the dominant. This state of mind is usually expressed a little differently and can during a session mean complete and utter concentration on the submissive. But my experience is that the dom-space occurs fully in the Dominant role only after the session has ended! When the Dominant can relax and know that his submissive is ok and doing well, then the domspace fully can blossom. This may involve a change in consciousness and an equally tranceartat condition as subspace, and then actually the Dominant need their submisives presence to lean on.

Regardless of whether you are Dominant or submissive is the above state something quite wonderful to experience!