A few words about edgeplay

Written by: Profossgbg 


Edgeplay is a term for activities that are considered extreme and/or have significantly higher risk than more common forms of BDSM.

Breathplay (to temporarily prevent/reduce the ability to breathe) – Breathplay with gear, not counting the hand but, for example, a belt; there are people who are experts and can handle it, but if you’re not such an individual, let it be. Breathplay can be very nice, but we recommend that the only thing that is used is the hand, and only over the mouth and nose.

It can be very atmospheric to take hold of the submisives throat and nothing wrong with it, but you’re not an expert so do not use more pressure with your hand than what is needed to turn the recipient’s head from side to side. However, with the hand over the nose and mouth, you can safely prevent the intake of air.

Try, for example, that during the 10-30 seconds hold over the submisives nose and mouth, and then, maybe, to end with a slap. In sex it can also, some really appreciate this, to do the same but instead of a slap on the cheek to increase the pressure and the frequency of the “in and out”, or why not combine the “in and out” with a slap. (A person who check over the text says, with a smile, that you are welcome to use it just before the submissive gets an orgasm, so I had to ad that….)

But you as well as I need air, have BDSM sessions with caution and keep in mind that muscles of the throat is not strong and can be easily be damaged, it can have very serious consequences.

Electricity – By electricity one can be led to all forms of pain. As a dominant, it can be charming to be able to provide a very high pain level by a minimum of effort. But learn before, learn how electricity is managed and how the body reacts before you go into this. A light version of this is the use of tens which you can buy in some regular stores. If you press it to a really high level, a nice level of pain can be achieved and the risk of injury is virtually zero. But does the receiver have any heart problems, you should be restrictive…

Rapeplay – This is about role-playing around various forms of sexual coercion, dependency and exploitation. . It is a very common fantasy, but in order to dream you do not need to actually want to experience it as a role-playing game. But there are many levels and ways doing a role-play about rape.


Don’t forget that to do something without consent is a criminal act which may give a damage which may never fully heal.