The Kink List

The list of kinks – A possible treasure map for your enjoyment 

Keep in mind that the list of kinks contains very much, if you appreciate many things or maybe just something is individual. But this is a tool to more easily see what you like, see the common denominator and the creations of frames. /Profossgbg

sub’s safe list v. 1.6 – 2004.12.15                      [Feel free to use.]


Please note that a safe list is only meant to be used as a back-up and as a complement to a dialogue, or as a basis for conversation. It is not in any way suitable to use as the only communication!


Fill in the list according to the following instructions:

First table:


Experience (E):

Mark with” in the column of experience next to the things you have experience of. If you have no experience at all of the activity so leave the box blank. Do you feel that you have some but very limited experience of something, or if you are unsure if your definition of the phenomenon/activity is consistent with the definition, so you can select this with the”(X)”. If you wish, you can then specify the level of experience or question in the column of questions.


Interest (I):

Indicate with 0-5 or No depending on how you feel about the activity.


? – mark with the question mark means that you do not understand what is meant by the phenomenon/activity, or that you would like to discuss with the dominant about what it actually means before you state your interest in the question.

No – means that you never, ever, under any circumstances and is willing to test/become a victim of the phenomenon/activity. (A definite and absolute limit.)

. 0 – means that you do not have any private interest of/the phenomenon/activity, and kind of hate it. However, you can implement it if the Dominant really want to, despite the fact that during “normal” circumstances, would have protested. Loudly.


1 – Means that you do not want to or do not like to implement the phenomenon/activity, but if it was required of you then you would not protest. (At least, not so much.)


2 – means that you without problems can be part of the activity, but that you personally really do not get out as much, if even anything, of it.

3 –– means that you think that the phenomenon/activity is quiet okay to engage in, it may well almost be a little nice, at least if it’s not too frequent. Maybe something you fantasize about, but you are a little unsure about –but curious – in IRL.

4 – Means that you like this phenomenon/activity, or believe you do it and have a large dose of positive curiosity in the baggage.

5 – Means that this is something you’ve tried (in – of course – a sober state) in reality, and that it is an event/activity you really like and appreciate.


Special marking (S):

! – mark with an exclamation mark in the column after the number if it is an event/activity that you are curious to try, but perhaps are afraid of, or that you have some other reason to want to talk it through with your partner before implementation.


* – Mark in the same way with an asterisk (*) in the S-column at the things/activities that is ok to implement with a stable/current partner, but not together with temporary BDSM partners.


Comments: Preferences, specifications, restrictions and other comments, requests, and disclosures.


Second table:

Damage/ personal concerns /physical problems: A small body based table, mostly meant to complement the actual okay/not-okay-list. If there are places on your body if you do not want to be affected by any specific reasons, or if you have problems with the joints/back/neck or something special such as old injuries, which can go up by a certain treatment, then you can fill in it there. So just as a little back up to the verbal communication. It is always better that the information will one time too many than the opposite. If you have no physical problems or personal concerns, just leave it blank in the “table of “problem description”.

Third table:

Moreover: Anything ells you want to convey? The word is free.

Fill in the two or four safe words below (definitive limit signals should always be set before anything begins), print the document, and fill finally, in the date.


Decrease word. The activity should be temporarily stopped or made less hard, so that the final safe word not need to be used. Definite word for stop. All activity shall cease immediately.
yellow Red


Age play
Butt plug – public, under clothing
Butt plug – small
Butt plug – large
Punishments – bdsm-clubs and the like   
Punishments – in public
Punishments – in private
To be bitten
To be feed
Be waited on sexually
Shackles – soft; leather, textile, etc
Shackles – hard; metal, wood,
Bondage – hard (more advanced or physically demanding)
Shackles – Light
Shackles – in public, under clothes
Breath control – by mouth/nose with hands
Breath control – with the help of water, plastic, gas masks
Bondage of tits
Tits/nipple torture
Caning (hitting with canes/bamboo)
Cutting (play with knives, razor blades, etc)
Deep throating
Dildos/vibrators, etc.
Games of disciplin
Domination – physical
Domination – mental
Electro stimulation
Erotic dance (in front of audience)
Exhibitionism – familiar, ”safe” circuits
Exhibitionism – strangers
Fisting – anal
Fisting – vaginal
Humiliation – bdsm-clubs and simular
Humiliation – public
Humiliation – private
Genital stimulation by hand – to get
Genital stimulation by hand – to give
Gang-rape – fantasy/role-playing game
Rubber/latex clothing
Hair brush/spatula, etc (spanking)
Get hair pulled
Hearing prevention (hearing protection e. etc.)
Intimate (genital) body bondage
Ice cubes
Orders regarding what to wear
Clamps ex. for nipples/genitals/sole
Clamps with weights
Corsets – easy lacing
Corsets – heavy duty lacing
”Creeping” – to be forced to beg
Chastity belt
Chastity – forced
Enemas – for cleansing
Enema – punishment
Leg spreaders/spreader bars
Massage – receive
Massage – give
Masturbation – forced
Medical scenes
More than one dominant.
Human puppy dog
Nudity – forced
Needles (sterile – of course.)
Oral anal games
Oral sex – to give to a woman
Oral sex – to give to a man
Oral sex – receiving
Obedience of orders
Prevention of orgasm
Control  of orgasm
Orgasm – forced
Exchange of partners
Penetration -,anal with anything other than the sexual organs (fingers, objects, etc)
Penetration – anal, with the genitals
Penetration – double
Penetration – vaginal, other than the sexual organs (fingers, objects, etc)
Penetration – vaginal, genital
Modifications of personality
Piercing – permanent
Piercing – temporary
Roleplay maid
Flogging – tits
Flogging – genital
Flogging – hard
Flogging – easy
Pony play/pony slave
Shaving (body hair)
Restrictions regarding eye contact
riding crop
Role playing(scenarios) – public
Role playing(scenarios) – private
Fear (become afraid)
The pillory
leather clothes
Belting with belts/straps
Spanked – lying in the knee
Pain – light
Pain – palpable
Pain – sharp
Semen (taking in mouth, swallow, etc)
Candle wax
Tape bondage
Tape gags
Phone sex
Discipline for incorrect behavior
– public
Discipline for incorrect behavior
– private
Discipline for incorrect behavior
– bdsm-clubs and the like.
Trampling (to be walked on)
Exercise – forced/required
Forced sex with someone of the opposite sex
Forced sex with someone of the same sex
Straight jacket/bondage clothing
Silenced with a gag
Examination – anal
Examination – whole body
Examination – vaginal
Loaned to another dominant.
Waxing (body hair)
Verbal humiliation
Video filming
Rape – fantasy/role-playing game


Internal organs/diseases
Torso front .
Torso spine
Sex organ


Other (what ever you whant to have said)