So, why have we created – Well, by a non-profit site we look to ad possibilities for knowledge, no matter the reason, regarding what BDSM is and to enhance the level of safety and possible pleasure for all involved.

If something is a scientific fact, we will say so but the site is built on our many years as BDSM practitioners counting both fantastic and less fantastic experiences. The site aims for anyone with an interest in BDSM, for example ones occupation, a relationship or it might be a part of your sexual orientation no matter how you view yourself. is a work in progress and will develop over time, interested in participating, please send an email.

What is BDSM? – BDSM is a sexual orientation with a broad diversity. To practice BDSM, consent is an absolute must from all parts. It in holds both physical and mental domination and submission, to give or to receive pain and to enjoy that. To achieve the enjoyment it is vital to build a sense of security, to gather knowledge and have an ongoing communication with one’s partner(s).

Only you decide your sexual orientation – BDSM is a buffet of possible experiences but you decide what you want to taste. Ones interests can vary depending on the day and who you enjoy it with. As mentioned, only you decide what you want or do not want. But as long as you want to, and you are in agreement of what is to happen, if you dare you might find something so great.

What we want to convey is that all that is voluntarily between adults is ok. The more you daydream and step by step tries, the deeper in to your sexual core you will reach, and we hope, your joy.

Please know that we are Swedish and that our translations not always is correct.