Fantasy and reality

Written by: Nelan translated by: Profossgbg

When the interest in bdsm is brought (and also later) it is not that unusual that the imagination plays freely, and the brain will produce many different scenes and scenarios. The imagination could be to get beaten with a hand or a tool and how it would be like or to beat and give a command. Later, when trying, it may not be really what you thought it would be. In some cases it will be better but sometimes it does not achieve the expectations you have had.

To all of the parties who shall be in the session to feel safe it is good to have boundaries and rules. One way to proceed is to let the submissive party to fill in a so-called list of kinks. By that, the dominant party can read to what the submisives want and don’t want to experience. It is important to not make errors on what has been decided before and that the dominant view the submissive continuously, for both parties to feel safe.


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Quiet safe words.
In bdsm, there are people who appreciate to put a gag on one’s partner, to gag means put the muzzle on. Then it can be difficult to make use of the usual safe words. And you may need a quiet safe words, which is something you will agree on before the session. Example: The one who can’t talk may keep in something in the hand and if something is wrong, releases the thing to the ground and by that interrupt the session and the dominant will take the gag of so that the one can tell what it wants.