The different phases of spanking

The different phases of spanking – written with humour but the tone is seriously 
Written by: Beh-aga, translation by: Profossgbg


The-stage-of-I-want-to- be-lashed-a-lot: The first stage that begins before the session started, when I am tingly with anticipation and happy over what I know will happen. Is also going a bit into the session during the main part of the warming.

The stage of whining: This stage is achieved approximately at the end of the warming when spanking becomes harder and it starts to hurt. Are various a long time depending on the situation, and is characterized by whining and groaning, and miscellaneous moves, being jumping jack doing jumps of two feet. Ends almost always with that Master takes a break, looking strictly at me and tells me to stand still.

The-stage-of-hard-set–good girl: After an order from Master enters this, often, short, stage, then I make an effort hard to be obedient and good and receive the beating with calm and composure. It works, for a while, until the Master lash harder with the whip which is when I proceed to,,,,

The-stage-of-Hell-how-it-does-hurt: Characterized by various screams, noises and sobs. In this stage I start also sweat because of the effort to receive and manage beating

The-stage-of-go-to-hell: Now comes the rush of adrenaline. It is in this stage I will be pissed and want to at any time ask the Master to go to some place where the sun don’t shine!

It has happened that I struck back, but it is not a good idea! Here, it is extremely important not to cancel the session, I think, this is a stage you must get past before the session ends. Is characterized by to the past the screams turns into a growling, and angry stomps with your feet. This stage does not always come, have noticed a tendency that it becomes more marked if it was a long time since I got spanked, and may not occur at all if it wasn’t that long ago since we had a session.

The-stage-off-I-give-in: the anger disappears as fast as it came and the body softens. I give up, give in and just accept. The endorphins begin to rush. Here the tears come, especially if I am bound both by hands and feet.

The-I-am-horny-as-a-ferret-stage: Now arises the excitement. I get incredibly horny and just want more and more and more. It does not hurt anymore, even if the Master use the tools with full force, the pain has become pleasure. Here, it can come orgasms like as if I am on assemble line if the conditions are right. From me, you will hear only some muffled moans.

The-stage-of-take off: Now I am starting to “float”… I feel suspended, the surroundings disappear, I hear what’s going on but can’t be bothered to care about something more than to just be in the moment and just disappear into my own little world.

The-stage of-subspace: Enclosed in a bubble of feelings and love I am floating around. It is pleasant, it is wonderful and the only thing I hear is the voice of Master and the only thing I’m aware of is His presence and protection. I don’t know how long this stage might last… but if I stand up, it breaks automatically when my legs no longer is holding me.

The-stage-of-I-go-in-for-landing: This is when the hugs and the closeness comes… and peace and quiet time of recovering, to collect oneself and to wake up. Takes anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, it varies from time to time. The important thing is to get the possibility to land in one’s own pace. I have a very wise Master who is well aware of this.