About us

The idea for the page came after a similar project, which Profossgbg was involved in, had to be put down, then within RFSU(Swedish political organization working with among other things, sexual education) . He thought that the need for an information site was great, not least after through the years of hearing about people that have had bad experiences, very much depending on that one thought that one ”must” be in one way or the other, and accept some measure of things one really don’t want to experience. After having worked by himself with the project for a while, he held a workshop on the project during a bdsm camp after which the be-haga and Nelan joined.

We want to point out that all involved is writing under a pseudonym. BDSM is not yet fully socially accepted orientation, and if some choose to “rise out of the closet” it can become a social pressure for the other participants, that is not ok.

Those who contribute to this page are all BDSM practitioners, in the areas where we find it important, they are also professionals of some sort, who share both knowledge and personal experience. We who are responsible for bdsminfo.se am not saying that what we present here are scientific facts, what we are saying is that our experience tells us that it is so.

Finally – Again, you are maybe curious but our texts seem to give the impression that BDSM is dangerous? No – no – no, we just want to make you risk-aware. Should an inexperienced driver drive at 110 m/ph. in a car not known to the person? The times we heard about things that have gone wrong it has almost always been new within BDSM that either had an inapt pig as a dominant or simply to mush too quickly. With this base off knowledge, the risk is immeasurably small that something will go wrong, so try, play, and have absolutely, a wonderful time. Dare to talk, dare, regardless of orientation or how you want to view yourself, show what you feel, both when things are good or if something is less than perfect.


We who are working continuously with bdsminfo.se wish you all the best

Profossgbg, beh-aga and Paxer