Your Level – The Proper Level

Written by: Profossgbg

Beeing extreme, to give or to receive so much pain that must be fun and cool?
Or? Sure, it really can be but nothing stats that it is what you like. There are as many sexual orientations as there are humans in the world and to what extent one like something should mirror that. If you like water boarding and a pain rush the keeps going for hours on end or if get aroused by a little wrestling in the bed with some dirty talk – we say – same same.

Because what is crucial is what you like, what your partner(s) like. To fantasize about things does not mean you want to have the real experience of it. We sincerely want you to be happy with who you are and your kinks. Because if you see bdsm porn or go to a BDSM event one might get the picture of that everything is so hard core. But the truth is that most BDSM is something ells.

And either it regards pain, anal sex, verbal degradation or whatever it is, never, never, be afraid of setting a frame for what you do and do not and never be prone yourself to something because you think it is expected of you to accept it.